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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Femme Couture Mineral Efffects baked eye colour

I purchased these baked eyeshadows a month ago at Sally Beauty Supply and haven't got a chance to do a review until today. Fortunately, at the time I got them when they were on sale, buy 2 get 1 free. They are a bit pricy at $8.99 a pot. If not for the sale I may have passed them because this is a makeup brand I haven't heard anyone talk or rave about. I figure I'd give it a shot and if I didn't like them I would return them. Originally, I had bought 2 baked eyeshadows and a baked bronzer because it reminded me so much of MAC's MSF. I have to admit these look quite similar to MAC's baked eyeshadows too.The shimmers were so big that they appeared more glittery and it did not look good on the face. I went back to exchange it for another baked eyeshadow.
These baked eyeshadows are actually pretty good and pigmented, IMO. I suggest you give them a try, especially when you find them on sale. I don't know if you can get them anywhere else beside Sally Beauty Supply. While you are there, you should also take advantage of the Sally's card. It cost $5 but they give you a $5 coupon back anyways so you have nothing to lose and you save a little more when you use the card.

Delish – the consistency of this baked duo is more on the shimmery side. The small side is a pinkish violet with pink and blue fine shimmers that applies sheer to semi-opaque. The larger side has a dark purple base with fine pink and blue shimmers as well. Pigmentation is good but could be better.

Hazel eyes – the small side is a very light sage green and the larger side is a darker sage green. They may appear matte in the pan but I wouldn’t say completely matte. Once applied, they have a slight sheen to them. The pigmentation is pretty good, although could be better.

Classic Khaki – This is the most pigmented out of the 3 and my favorite one too. The small side looks like a sheer gold color while the larger side is a forest green color with fine green and gold shimmers. This is sooo pretty! I highly recommend you pick this one up. I’m really glad I did.  

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  1. I have one of these, and it's the bronzy gold one. I love it too. It's so pretty when applied wet


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