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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jewelries and Hair Accessory Haul

Ok, I think I actually didn't do as bad as my makeup haul. But I managed to pick up a few things recently. If you didn't know it yet, I am a huge fan when it comes to accessories because they really spice up any outfit and add a personal touch of your personality. As my collection grow, I am becoming increasingly picky about what I buy. I've realized that I tend to reach for the same jewelries and being more particular about the ones that I wear on a day-to-day basis.

I got these 3 necklaces from Forever 21. I love going through their jewelry section. I always find something that I like and I also like the fact that their jewelries are very affordable and fashionable. I can't remember exactly how much I paid for these but I'm sure they were no more than $6.00 a piece. My favorite out of the three would be the gold bow necklace with the little beads. It's super cute. My daughter wears it all the time, lol.

I also picked up this bracelet from Forever 21. The large rhinestone catches a lot of light and makes this piece very flashy and dazzling. It retails for $7.80. Perfect for jazzing up a casual outfit and it's so easy to put on to.

I was at Macy a couple weeks ago, picking up more Lush goodies. Yes, I know I did it again. But anyways, after getting my Lush stuff, I decided to browse the jewelry section to see if anything catches my eyes and this gorgeous butterfly piece was whispering to me. The more I looked at it the more it put me under its spell.
This set is by Fossil. I couldn't decide whether to just get the necklace or the earrings so I bought both, since that usually solves my dilemma, LOL. The necklace cost $26.00 and the earrings $28.00. (Click on the hyperlink if you are interested in buying these pieces)

As you can see from the close-up picture, there is a definite quality to how this piece is crafted.  The wings are adorned by abalone shell and small clear crystals. The shell has this beautiful blue, green, and purple color that shines like stained glass. The brass-like metal also complements the colors of the shell. I think the little charms attached by the hook of the necklace is so cute. I know this set is not cheap but at the same time, still affordable. The design and quality really makes up for it so I thought it was worth the money.

Stopped by Aldo last week to see if there are any cute shoes on sale but didn't find anything I wanted to buy except for this pair of earrings. I love feather earrings. I think they are sooo IN! lol. It has these fake pearly fangs paired with pheasant feather, which adds a kick to the "wild" theme of this piece. The earrings are about 4 inches long so they are very dangly and looks cool with long hair. This retails for $10.00.

This doubled-beaded headband was purchased at Icing. It's actually my daugther's. She picked it up. I don't think I would look right wearing this due to my age, lol.  It's a very flirty and girly piece. The side flower is made of an off-white chiffon fabric and lace. It retails for $14.50.

 Now this one was for me, lol. This hair clip is shaped like the plumeria flower, which brings to mind summer and tropics. It's silver with a mix of sparkling fine white glitters and larger holographic glitters. I purchased it at Icing for $1.75 (originally $3.50). It was on BOGO sale with the headband.

 I found another set of plumeria flower hair clips but these are smaller and colorful. They look very pretty and summery on the hair. I purchased these from the Call It Spring store inside Chicago Ridge Mall. They were $6.99.
Couldn't find it on their website so I googled a couple places where you can get something similar.

Hope you enjoyed my haul and found something you like. I tried to provide links to where you can find the exact piece or something similar, just in case you would like to purchase. Otherwise, you can always check out your local store for the Icing and Forever 21 accessories.
FYI, I am not affiliated with any of these retailers and do not get paid/compensated for posting this. All items here were purchased with my own money.


  1. Ohmygosh, you got some gorgeous new jewelry <3 That headband is amazing, and I love the feather earrings, they're super pretty! :)

  2. You have a great bunch of accessories! I'm really jealous. As crazy as it is, I love accessories more than I love clothes or makeup lol My favorite by far has to be the earrings from Aldo. I love feather earrings like that, and I can't believe they're only $10. Getting them! <3

  3. i love the silver bow necklace and the feather earrings


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