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Friday, April 8, 2011

Physicians Formula Gel Creamliners

A couple weeks ago, I received a gift package from Holly Ann and she sent me these PF creamliners for green eyes. I was stoked because I have been wanting and lusting for these creamliners for a long time but never got around to it. The main reason I didn't buy them was that I thought they were kinda expensive for a drugtore product. They retail for about $11.00.
Anyways, after I tried the Creamliners for green eyes, I was hooked and ran to CVS to get more. The great thing about CVS is they make buying makeup so much more fun since you can save a lot of money shopping there by using your ExtraCare coupons and other additional coupons you may have.

  • .21 oz or 6 g each
  • Stackable and detachable
  • 3 different creamliner colors
  • Eyeliner brush included, although I wouldn't personally use it to line my eyes because I think it's too thick.
  • So they claim these products to last 24 hours. That's a bit unrealistic if you ask me. Who wants to wear her makeup 24 hours? Most of us don't. In spite of that ridiculous claim, I do think that these creamliners are long-wearing and will last you throughout the day until you take them off.
  • It applies and glides very smoothly
  • Great pigmentation
  • Hardly any smudging. Perhaps a tiny bit bit towards the end of the day, after 8 hours of wear.
  • Each set is customized to enhance your eye colors.
  • For green eyes, there's a grassy geen liner with a faint shimmer, which is think is absolutely gorgeous. You also get a bluish purple and a black with green shimmers. I like the fact that the black eyeliners that comes with these sets are not just plain black but they have a little hint of shimmers in them, which makes them look even better.
  • For Hazel eyes, you get a taupy brown with a slight sheen to it, a pinkish purple with grey undertone, and a black with pink shimmers.


These are my new favorite eyeliner products. I've been reaching out for them often since I've got them. They feel creamy and glide so nicely when applied. I am so tempted to go back and get more. In case you didn't know, they have more sets of these trios in different colors available. The only things that I didn't like was the brush it came with and I really wish, there wasn't a black creamliner in every set. If I buy another set, I'm going to end up with more black eyeliners than I really need. I love the fact that you get 3 different colors that are long-wearing. My rating 8.5/10. I would have given these a 9 if they didn't claim this to be 24 hour wear.

BTW, Holly Ann provided me the link to this print out coupons for $5.00 off any Physicians Formula product. I'm putting it here so you can also enjoy the savings. This coupon is good till 6-15-11.

Enjoy your savings :)...let me know what you thought of these liners if you tried them.


  1. I have the hazel eyes trio and I like them a lot :) I think the value is really good since you're getting three shades. I pretty much only buy drugstore makeup when there's a sale and so it's pretty easy to get these liners for about $6 or less. The only thing I don't like about these liners is that they're not as pigmented as some other gel/cream liners I've tried. It's not a big issue since I can build up the color but they'd be a 10/10 in my book if they were more opaque in one swipe!

  2. I have wanted these for a while now and just forgot about them. I'm glad I saw this review because it just reminded me to pick these up. I especially have to now because of the $5.00 off coupon.(:

  3. AngelicBetrayal, I'd like them to be a bit more pigmented but I don't find it to be an issue since I always go over the first layer anyways.


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