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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Swatches of My NYX Lipglosses (Picture heavy)

Here are swatches and brief overview of the NYX lipglosses that I own.

Quick takes:
  • NYX lipglosses are available at Ulta,, Ebay,, and select stores.
  • The average cost falls somewhere between $2-$4 depending on where you purchase them
  • There is a large range of colors and textures to choose from
  • They are non-sticky and comfortable to wear.
  • They come with a doe-foot applicator
  • They last on average 2 hours
  • They are sheer to semi-opaque, depending on the shade.

 24 Karet is a gorgeous orange gold gloss with shimmers. It has a pretty strong citrucy syrupy scent. This is a great summer shade and would complement warm skin tone in particular. It is a bit sheer and I find it difficult to get an even application.

 Purple Rain is a sheer shimmery bluish purple. Most people will not go for this type of shade. Again this shade is difficult to get an even application. I think it would work best layered on top of a lipstick. This gloss smells like cherry syrup.

 Dolly Pink is a bright pink gloss. I love this type of shade. I think it suits me. It is almost opaque when you use it at its fullest potential. Of course, you could always blot your lips for less for a less intense color. This is a creme finish, there is no shimmers. Smells like cherry syrup.

 Cosmo is a sparkling shimmery pink with a copperish undertone. The shimmers in this gloss can pass for fine glitters. This gloss is very sparkly and shiny. Some may not like it. It smells like cherry syrup.

 Beige Pearl is a sheer shimmery nude gloss. This gloss is so sheer and nude that it doesn't offer much color but mostly shine. I mostly layer it with a lipstick, especially when I want to tone down the color of the lipstick. Smells like cherry syrup.

 Sparkling pink is from the Diamond Sparkle lipgloss line. The packaging reminds of the Revlon Superlustrous lipgloss. This is a pretty posy pink color that is semi-opaque. I really don't get the name of these glosses. They are definitely not sparkly in my book. There is only fine shimmers.

 Sparkling Orange is another one I bought from the Diamond Sparkle line. I find that these glosses do not have a fruity or syrupy scent like the other glosses. In fact, I don't really detect a particular scent. Sparkling Orange is semi opaque and has some red undertone. It's a pretty wearable orange gloss IMO and would complements all skintone.

I hope you found this post helpful. Which is your favorite NYX gloss? Please share.

Thanks for reading.


  1. You look good in almost all of them! I am surprised that the purple color could look decent on a human being's lips! =D great lip swatches =) I am quite in love with glosses now. Just not the shimmery kind though..those are hard to pull off..for me, that is..

  2. I want Purple Rain, it's gorgeous! You look beautiful in all of them!

  3. wow that purple is very pigmented!


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