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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sleek i-Divine i-Candy Eyeshadow Palette - Review, Swatches, and Makeup Looks

I am anxious to find out what got stuck inside my mailbox. Apparently, the mailman stuffed a package in there that barely fit and now I can't unlock the mailbox with my key. When I called the apartment office about my dilemma, they told me to check with the manager on duty on Monday and she can address it to the mailman when he makes his round. 
I'm expecting some nail polishes and some checks so I'm not sure which one of these is stuck inside my mailbox. But yeah...really. What an inconvenience! This mailman must be either dumb or don't care. Sorry, I'm being judgmental here but I can't help it...where is the common sense? 

Anywaysssss....I'm finally getting to play more with my Sleek Makeup eyeshadows so today I have a review on the i-Candy palette.

  • The palette was much smaller than I expected. The eyeshadow pans are about the size of a nickel. 
  • The packaging is made out of black matte plastic with a large mirror and double-ended sponge tip applicator included. It does get a bit dirty as you handle it because it attracts finger prints, other than that I do like the sleek and compact packaging. 
  • There is 12 eyeshadow pans with different colors. Each pan is 1.1 g or .03 oz. Inside the palette is a sheet of clear plastic with the name of the eyeshadows labeled on it. I do like that each eyeshadow has a name. It's cute how the name and colors in this palette has candy-ish names which fit nicely with the theme.


Top row swatches from left to right:

  • Strawberry Sherbet - shimmery medium pink with blue undertone. Soft texture and good pigmentation. 
  • Bon Bon - light shimmery pink with a frostier finish. Creamy texture and good pigmentation.
  • Parma Violet - dark matte purple. The color in the picture isn't what it really looks like, weird! It's bluer and not as red toned in person. Anyways, the texture is soft and has good pigmentation. 
  • Apple Sour - frosty light seafoam green. Feels creamy and had good pigmentation.
  • Pear Drop - shimmery chartreuse. Feels creamy and has good pigmentation. 
  • Flump - medium purple with red undertone and satin finish. Texture feels slighter drier than the others and also less pigmented. 

Bottom row swatches from left to right:

  • Licorice - matte black. Not the blackest black eyeshadow but that might not be a bad thing if you still want to deepen a look without going too dark. Texture and pigmentation is average.
  • Blue Fizzle - shimmery periwinkle blue. Love this kind of blue cause it's much easier to pull off. Nice texture and pigmentation. 
  • Aniseed - shimmery pink with subtle gold sheen and slightly frosty. Nice texture and pigmentation.
  • Bubble Gum - medium matte cyan blue. Soft texture and great pigmentation. Slightly powdery. 
  • Mint Cream - light seafoam green shimmer, similar to Apple Sour but with a different finish. Creamy texture and good pigmentation.
  • Cream Soda - frosty shimmery white. Nice texture and pigmentation. 

Final Thought

It's colorful like candy but not over the top I think. You have a good mix of shimmers, frosty, and matte. Didn't have any major issues with the pigmentation and texture although some are better than others. Overall, I think this is quite a nice palette for the money.

Rating: 8.5/10

Price: $11.99
Availability: Sleek Makeup

Bon Bon on inner 2/3 of lid, Strawberry Sherbet on crease, Parma Violet on outer V, Cream Soda on brow bone, Bubble Gum on lower lash line.

Mint Cream on inner 1/2 of lid and lower lash line, Bubble Gum on outer 1/2 of lid, Blue Fizzle on crease and lower lash line

Pear Drop all over lid and lower lash line, Flump on crease, Parma Violet on lower lash line

Aniseed all over lid, Parma Violet on Crease, Licorice on outer V, Blue Fizzle on lower lash line


  1. I love love love the look you did with the blues! What eye liner is that?

    1. Thank you. I believe it's the MAC Pearlglide Petrol Blue

  2. Freaking pretty! I've got the blush palette from this collection but I regret it, they're not the kinds of pinks that I really like in the end! I wish I had gotten this palette! I love the pinks and the mints! Your looks are sooo stunning, I love bright colors!

    1. Out of the 4 palettes I got from Sleek, this one was the best in terms of quality and pigmentation.

  3. Replies
    1. I try using the shades together and it is doable for the most part.


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