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Monday, June 16, 2014

Sleek i-Divine Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette - Review, Swatches, and Makeup Looks

I've been extremely lazy with blogging AND putting on makeup lately. Plus with the warm and sometime hot weather, I really prefer to wear as little makeup as possible because I sweat really easily and it always feels like my face is going to fall off. This is interfering with my reviews. Heat makes me crabby. Other than that, lately I also feel a lack of excitement with the beauty world. Like I need to slow down and take a break from time to time to just relax or find another fun way to pass the time. Anyhow, sorry for being a pooper. It's Monday and I had a long day...let's move on to the review.

  • The palette was much smaller than I expected. The eyeshadow pans are about the size of a nickel. 
  • The packaging is made out of black matte plastic with a large mirror and double-ended sponge tip applicator included. It does get a bit dirty as you handle it because it attracts finger prints, other than that I do like the sleek and compact packaging. 
  • There is 12 eyeshadow pans with different colors. Each pan is 1.1 g or .03 oz. Inside the palette is a sheet of clear plastic with the name of the eyeshadows labeled on it. I do like that each eyeshadow has a name.


Top row from left to right:
  • Bow - satin matte off white. Soft texture, pigmentation is average. It kind of blend right in on my skin. 
  • Organza - frosty warm pink. Creamy texture and good pigmentation. 
  • Ribbon - matte salmon/coral. Soft texture and excellent pigmentation
  • Gift Basket - very shimmery medium bronze. Creamy texture and very good pigmentation.
  • Glitz - very shimmery metallic gunmetal grey with blue undertone. Creamy texture and very good pigmentation.
  • Celebrate - dark shimmery eggplant with pink shimmers. Love this color! Creamy texture and very good pigmentation.

Bottom row from left to right:

  • Pamper - light matte warm pink. Soft texture and good pigmentation.
  • Gateau - very frosty shimmery light cool pink with gold shimmers. 
  • The Mail - matte medium warm beige. Slightly dry texture, poor pigmentation. 
  • Boxed - matte medium brown. Slightly dry texture, ok pigmentation. 
  • Wrapped Up - matte medium brown with a purple undertone. Slightly dry texture, ok pigmentation.
  • Noir - matte black. Slightly dry texture but excellent pigmentation. I was quite surprised at how black and pigmented this eyeshadow turned out. 

Final Thought

This palette is great for day to night looks and if you want colors that are soft and feminine, you'd like this. Most of the colors have good pigmentation, though a couple of the lighter shades really don't do anything for me. I like how they included 3 dark shades to give depth and dimension for a sexy smoky look if I wanted to go there. The colors also work great together. Overall, I like. Still wish for better color pay off on some of the matte shades.

Rating: 8.5/10

Price: $11.99
Availability: Sleek Makeup 

Gift Basket in inner 1/3 of lid, Glitz on 2/3 of lid and lower lash line, Celebrate on outer V, Pamper and Wrapped Up on crease, Organza on lower lash line

Ribbon all over lid and lower lash line, Boxed on crease, Noir on outer V, Gateau on inner lower lash line.

Gift Basket all over lid, Boxed and The Mail on Crease, Noir on outer V, Boxed and Noir  on lower lash line. 
Celebrate all over lids, Pamper all over browbone, Organza on center of lid


  1. i'm glad you like it overall because this is my favorite sleek palette. I love the pinks in this palette! I'm actually a fan of the size of these palettes, I love how slim and hand held these are. In singapore maybelline, l'oreal and revlon quads cost at least $15-$18 USD so these are sooooo worth my money.

    1. I think the price is decent for what you get. The shimmers have the best color pay off and the others are hit or miss. I'd definitely pick these over drugstore eyeshadows too. I like how travel friendly the packaging is.

  2. For such affordable price you got an amazing palette. I love your blog for amazing budget beauty finds and creative looks :-)


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