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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Grape Shifter

I've been contemplating this nail glitter many time at the store whenever I walk by it and every time I was tempted to pick it up until one day I told myself, just get it already! So glad that I did. Now, I don't have to keep staring at it in store anymore, lol. You know and I know that if you keep coming back to stare at a product over and over again that you just NEED to buy it. 

Grape Shifter has a mix of small blue glitters, medium pink glitters, and larger silver holo glitters in a clear base. The formula appear thick at first glance but it wasn't goopy and glides very easily on the nails. The glitters also spread out evenly and effortlessly. 
I dislike the packaging, the wide wand and narrow opening makes it a pain to move the brush in and out of the bottle but this mix of glitter is sure gorgeous and worth the trouble. 
On the swatches below, I have one coat of Grape Shifter over Orly Mysterious Curse. So sparkly and pretty. I love it!

Tried it? What base color would you pair Grape Shifter with?


  1. That's so gorgeous! It does look well worth the pain of the packaging--I know what you mean about those wide brushes, I don't like them either. My pinkies especially are too narrow for them to work very well.

    I'm terrible about nail glitters, I can't resist them. I actually had a dream the other night about one I saw recently, I guess that's a sign I should buy it! :P

    1. hehe yes you must really like it to be dreaming of it. BTW, I don't see your blog anymore and it says it's for invites only :(


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