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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Orly Mysterious Curse Swatch (Dark Shadows Collection)

Mysterious Curse is a new polish that recently launched and was inspired by the movie Dark Shadows which is now playing in theaters. I picked it up from Sally Beauty Supply last week, while I made a pit stop there just to see what new polishes they had. I wasn't impressed or intrigued by the rest of the polishes in the collection but this one really caught my eyes.

My goodness, let me just start by saying that my jaw literally dropped when I swatched Mysterious Curse. They must have put some sort of spell in this bottle because it got me freaking out with excitement, lol. No seriously though, it is one pretty polish. I had to take several pictures so that you can see how amazing it looks.
It's a shimmery purpleish-blue duochrome that has quite a bit of depth and mysteriousness to it. The first coat is sheer but the second coat looks great and practically opaque. I just love staring at this polish!
If you didn't pick this up yet, you are missing out! By the way, did you see the movie yet? Would you recommend?

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