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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day Jewelry Haul

I know I've been buying jewelries left and right lately and my hauls may look ridiculous and unimpressive for those who justifies quality over quantity. Before you throw a rock at me for shopping more than what is deemed normal, I have what's called shopaholic syndrome and like many who suffer from this condition, getting whatever your little heart desires is a compulsion we have little to no control over.

While I was at the mall during mother's day, I stopped by Forever 21 and bought some jewleries from there. I wished there was a better selection but that was all that I could find that I liked. The most interesting piece must be the metallic magenta/purple spike bracelet. Not sure how I'm going to pull this one off cause it's very out there.

From Icing, I didn't really see much, which is a good thing. The braided turquoise bracelet is so cute. I love how it has those cute dangling little charms. I don't know why my daughter liked those colorful swan earrings but oh well, I got it for her and purchased a pair of anchor earrings for myself, which I though was adorable, and it's also a great thing that it was BOGO 50% off.


Another interesting piece from Icing is this heart ring that was on clearance, you can flip from one side to the other. It looks really cute on the finger as well.

Lastly, from the Pearcing Pagoda, they had a BOGO sale so I bought one pair of earrings for me and one for my daugther.

Mine is the blue/green opal earrings. They are so tiny and cute. They also looks very elegant.  I'm in love with the color.

My daughter picked out these quite interesting studded earrings. They look like they have a little spiral going on at the center and some sparkly glitters around lit. Hard to describe but it looks very cool when you look at it.
I have a couple more hauls to post, so stay tuned.



  1. Pretty finds! how funny, on mothers day I went to Forever21 as well and purchased some accessories :)

    1. Ooo nice! I wished my local F21 had a better jewelry selection.

  2. Love all the jewelry you picked! I need to go to the mall and get those anchor earrings! I love how fab they loook.

    1. They are adorable! You should get them :)

  3. Oh wow great collection, I am enjoying reading your post. Your jewelry collection is too good..Thanks for sharing. I would love to buy some pieces for myself.
    jewelers mn

    1. Many of the jewelry that I purchased are pretty affordable. You should definitely treat yourself with some as well :)


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