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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Teal and Gold Arm Candy

Back again with another arm candy post. I'm starting to notice that I have a lot of gold-tone jewelries and I'm wearing them more and more often now. I used to typically wear more silver-tone jewelries. I find that the gold tone looks a bit more flashy.

So the main attraction for this arm candy is the teal block bracelet that I recently purchased from Icing. I love the multi-dimentional and multi-faceted look it has. The shifting colors between teal, gold, and copper just makes this a very eye-catching statement piece. I really wished I had some green bracelets to got with this but since I don't I'm simply pairing this with a gold bangle, gold chain bracelet, and gold spike bracelets.

This is a fun, edgy, and flashy arm candy I think. What would you pair the teal bracelet with?



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