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Sunday, May 13, 2012

L'Oreal Silver Sparkle Swatches

About a week or two ago, I spotted this new L'Oreal polish at Walgreens and I was immediately drawn to it. To be honest, my camera just doesn't do this polish justice because it has a hard time capturing the colors of the glitters. It is much more prettier in person.
It the bottle, Silver Sparkle looks like a glittery purple-ish taupe with gold, green, blue, and purple glitters. It applies pretty sheer. I have two coats on the swatch and you can clearly see the nail line.
It looks nice on its own but I would pair this with another polish.
I've also swatched Silver Sparkle over a shimmery black nail polish and this makes the silver glitters look very frosty. I hope this isn't limited edition cause it's such a pretty polish. I love how the multi-colored glitters come in play when you move your fingers. It looks like you have fairy dusts on your nails, lol. I don't know how else to describe it. If you have not seen this yet, you should check it out.

There was another new polish too, which looked like an olive gold. I am so tempted to buy it also.

Have you spotted this polish yet? If so, do you think you'd buy it now that you've seen swatches?


  1. It looks really pretty when its layered.

  2. Super pretty! This is what I expected the China Glaze Prismatic polishes to be like.

    1. The CG were more opaque and had way more glitters.


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