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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Milani Orange-Gina Lipstick Swatches and Small Review

Hi yall!

This is a lipstick that I've had lying around in my stash for quite some time and I never got around to posting about it.
Orange-Gina is one gorgeous orange lipstick and since orange is a hot summer trend color, I figure I better pull this baby out and give it some loving.
The molding of the lipstick is quite interesting. It has this multi-faceted look to it. The formula is pigmented and opaque and the finish is frosty but not so frosty that it looks obnoxious. It has some beautiful pinkish and gold shimmers in it.
There is a strong perfumy/cosmetic scent to it but it doesn't really bother me although I'm not a fan of it. There are certain scents that I don't particularly like but don't find bothersome and there are some that just give me a headache.

This is a bold color I must say but super gorgeous if you don't mind rocking it.

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