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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Prom Tuxedo and Prom Corsage

Happy Prom Day for all you out there who are going. Unfortunately, this isn't my prom and sadly I actually never went to mine either. Oh well...At least, my kids get to enjoy theirs.
Anyways, this is my oldest son here on the picture. Please excuse the blurry face, I didn't have his permission to post this on my blog, lol, so I find it appropriate to blur his face since I want to focus more on the attire that he is wearing on this special event.
A couple weeks before prom, we went to Du Bois Forwal Wear to rent a tuxedo for him. They were running a special for prom tuxedo rentals and you were allowed to draw one card with a discount on it. They were between $40, $50, to 50% off.
He chose this dark grey suit with light pink vest and bow tie so that he could match with his date, who is also wearing a light pink dress. The rental included everything he is wearing here and the shoes. The total cost before the discount is $169.95. I got a $40 discount, which brought my total down to $129.95.
I've never went tuxedo shopping so I can imagine they can run anywhere from $300 to $600. Or if you really shop around, perhaps you could get it for cheaper but I felt that since I didn't start shopping a little earlier for it, that renting would be less of a hassle.
My son has a very slender frame and finding men's clothes that fit him has been a challenge since he is at that awkward age. The lady that fitted him said he is wearing the smallest size they have. I guess it's a good thing that was available.
For those of you who have looked at tuxedo rentals, what are the typical price range you've come across? Would you rather buy or rent for a formal event? Where do you buy your tux?

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Originally, I had ordered a lavender corsage online because I thought that it would look nice with a light pink dress but my order got cancelled and I wasn't aware of it until I called today and found out. Apparently, they have a mininum purchase for deliveries. I'm surprised the website didn't stop me from ordering or sent me an email notification that my order was cancelled. The lady said she had called me as soon as my order was placed to notify me of the cancellation. Well, I didn't check my messages.

So here I am doing last minute corsage shopping. I called this florist close by and they were able to fill in my order. They didn't have the color I wanted so I picked pink and white.
This is the very first time I've seen a corsage in person, lol, so I had to snap a couple of pictures before it's out of sight. There is 3 small pink roses, three white orchids, some fake leaves, white mesh with irridescent blue glitters and white ribbon with silver trims.
Personally, I would have preferred the ribbons to be pink so that there is a little more contrast but oh well, you dont' always know what you gonna get with these florists.

In the back you can see how the arrangement is secured on a metal piece which is also connected to a velco wristband. Total cost including tax: $25.00. Whew that is pretty pricey for a little wrist bouquet if you ask me.

Here is a picture of the corsage next to my arm so you can get an idea of the size of it.


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  1. I cannot believe you have a teenage son!! You look like a teen yourself! Your son looks handsome, I look forward to when my son has his prom. For now I will cherish his know-it-all attitude...

    1. Enjoy each and every moment with your child. Kids grow so fast. By the time you know it, they'll be graduating high school! I used to wish they grew faster when they were smaller and now I wish I could turn back time.

  2. Pink and white tuxedo? Wow, I didn't know it could look this good. If you will use the tux only for the prom, it's wiser to rent. But if you are expecting to attend to occasions where wearing a formal attire is required, it's better to purchase one. You have found a great deal on this tuxedo, Pang. Good job!

    Bhavik Popat @Exclusive Men's Wear


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