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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Milani Shadow Eyez Swatches and Small Review

I spotted these new Milani eyeshadow/liners a couple weeks ago at CVS and was intrigued by them. What sold me was that they claimed to be 12 hours wear, water resistant, and crease proof. I just have to try that for myself.

I bought the color Royal Purple and Green Safari.

Royal Purple applies a bit sheerer than Green Safari on the first pass. It has fine blue shimmers in it which I find pretty and I'm glad that it's not just straight up purple.
Green Safari is a frosty shimmery green that really make my brown eyes pop.
The formula on these were amazing in my opinion. It glides really smoothly without tugging and pulling your skin. The pigmentation is impressive, especially for Green Safari.  I've only used these as eyeliners and they help up pretty well without smudging or fading and they stayed on until I took them off. I haven't tried them as eyeshadows yet since they are so bold and not something I would wear in a typical day.

I think they come in a few more colors and I imagine the formula must be as good as these two. Honestly, These are so good and for half the price, I would rather buy these instead of the Urban Decay shadow pencils. The only draw back is that the Shadow Eyez have a limited color selection.

Overall, these are truly what they claim to be and I think they are awesome! Definitely keep an eye out for BOGO sales so you can get these for less and get more bang for your bucks.

Have you tried these shadow pencil yet? Which color would you rather get?


  1. Unless they're creaseproof, I think I will pass on these because NYX JEPs are much cheaper. These colors are pretty though!

    1. As far as lasting power, they are way better than the NYX pencils in my opinion. They are comparable to the Urban Decay pencils. NYX pencils crease on me if I apply too much.


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