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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wet N Wild Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire

Thanks to Rosie for showing off this nail polish, lol, I went to Walgreens to purchase it the same day I saw it on her nails.
Apparently, this isn't a new color, lol, and I thought it was since I've never seen it before. Then again, I am not really a huge fan of Wet N Wild nail colors so perhaps that is why I've never noticed it.
Anyways, what I love about it is the fine holographic glitters in it. The base is a sheer light jelly blue color. I'm wearing 3 coats on the swatches and I think it's acceptable even if you can still spot the nail line peaking through.
It looks ok on its own but if you don't want to see the nail line, you would have use it over another color.

If you like glitters on your nails but don't want them to look too overpowering then I think you will like this polish.


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