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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Target Shoe Haul

Hi everyone,

I apologize for the absence. I've had a lot of things on my mind lately and wasn't really able to focus on my blog. I purchased these shoes last week from Target. The first two pairs were for my daughter and the last two were for me.

  • Black gladiator sandals with feathers. They look so cute. They also come in brown but we liked the black one more. $19.99

  • Studded nude flats. These are also very cute and sparkly. I wanted one for myself but oh well, my daughter really liked them and she is 1/2 size smaller than me unfortunately so we can't share shoes, lol. $19.99

  • Floral Wedges. I have really been into wedges lately. They are a lot more comfortable than heels. I couldn't resist the cute floral prints on these shoes. These are very comfortable as well. $24.99.

  • Metallic wedges. It looks like a very light cool tone gold. I love how shinny it is, the braided texture, and criss-cross strap. Got lots of compliment when I paired this one with a flowy black dress I also bought from Target. $24.99.
I've been seeing a lot of cute shoes at Target. There was another pair of sandal I wanted but decided to put it back since I already grabbed 4 pairs and that was not even including other merchandise I already have in my cart. Ughhh...I'm such a shopaholic! It's fun and depressing at the same time, lol.

Have you bought anything from Target lately?

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