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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Boston Store Jewelry Haul

Yep, I did it again. I guess the only way for me to stop hauling is to just stop going to the store. How sad is that? Ughh...

I went to the Boston Store last Saturday because my sister told me that they had pretty good sale on baby clothing and I needed to get a few for my cousin's baby shower. First thing I noticed when I walked into the store is how much better things looked. They reorganized and rearranged the entire floor and it looks so much better.

I managed to get a few gifts and some jewelries for myself. I made and effort to only stick to the sale items.

BCBGeneration spike necklace with blue rhinestone, $27.99. It was originally $48.00. I love the look and feel of this necklace. It has a nice weight to it and I love the blue sparkles. They really make the spikes look more interesting and glitzy.

Boston Store currenly has all sterling silver on sale for 65% off! Couldn't help but take advantage of the sale. My daughter picked up these heart earrings studs and necklace. I dont know what kind of stone it is but it's so pretty! It's blue, purple, and teal.
The earrings were on sale for $14.00. Originally $40.00.

The heart pendant necklace was $17.50. Originally, $50.00

I couldn't help myself when I saw this huge ring, lol. It's so clear and sparkly. I paid $19.25 for it. It was originally $55.00.

Lastly, I purchased these earrings from an accessory store while I was at the Strawberry Festival. What I love about them is that they are shaped like a cube and have a stone on all 6 sides. They were $21.00.

I have a couple more hauls to show but I am getting pretty tired now, so I think I will be hitting the sack early tonight. Thanks for reading :)



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