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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fashion Haul - DKNY Purse, More Dresses, and Shoes

Guess who went to TJ Maxx again? LOL...It really doesn't help that I drive by this store every day on my way to and from work because I seem to be stopping by weekly now. You'll find me stalking the purse, jewelry, beauty, and shoe isles if you ever see me there.
I've seen this DKNY purse a while back and almost bought it but decided to pass and when I went back there again, it was gone and I felt so bad that I didn't get it when I had the chance. I got lucky again this time when I saw it on the rack and I knew that I was gonna have to take it home.
I love the size of it. It's large enough to hold my keys, phone, camera, and some change. It's like the perfect evening purse. I have a few wrislet but I always prefer to carry my bag on my shoulder rather than holding it. It allows me to have my hands free, which is much better if I'm going to dance or hold other things in my hands. I love that it comes with a convertible chain strap that you can carry over your shoulder or cross body.

Another thing I love about this purse is the design and material. It doesn't look cheap or tacky, which is something I often see on animal prints material. It looks like real snake scales but with a shiny gloss and golden sheen to it. It also feels soft and luxurious. The gold hardware has a nice thickness and weight them and a dust bag is also included. It did hurt me a little looking at the price tag of $69.99 but I think it was worth it though. I also think that this bag is versatile and something you can carry with you during the day.

The Mia white wedge were from TJ Maxx. I was in need of a new pair of white shoes and these wedges were very cute and comfortable when I tried them on. They were $34.99.

Another thing I purchased from TJ Maxx is this long grey dress that has a lace-like material but feels thicker, which create more textures. It's strapless so you just slip it on like a skirt, pull it over your chest, add a belt and some accessories, and tada! You be looking fine as hell, lol...It is lined with a smoother material underneath which is bit shorter than the outter layer so your legs will be popping through the lace. All I gotta say it it is very pretty! It comes with a reasonable price tag of $24.99
I purchased the blue dress from Dots. I skipped it when I saw it hanging on the rack but when I grabbed a few things to try and saw it on the mannequin, I knew I had to give it a try and when I did, I was blown away. It enhances all the right curves and diminishes the bad ones, lol. It's strapless but the cups are lightly padded. The dress is flowy and shorter on the front and longer on the back. I love this turquoise blue, it's so summery. Price tag: $19.80.

The turquoise tube top was also from Dots. I actually wanted a white one but they didn't have it. When I tried this one I really liked it because of the lace trimming. It was only $8.00.

I decided to get this stretchy brown belt with gold hardware from Dots. I figured that this color will complement the blue dress so I might as well just get it. It was $8.00. I had a $10 coupon so my total for the blue dress, tube top, and belt, came down to roughly $28.00 with tax. I thought that was a pretty good deal.
So overall, yes I did do some damage but I'm pretty pleased with the stuff that I got.

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  1. Hello,

    I was looking for this bag for sometimes and i could not find it until i found your website.

    They seems to have different color for their present DKNY collection

    Would you be so kind to let me know where can i order this product online or if you happened to have its code? I live in thailand but they can ship to my friend in America


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