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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rosegold Arm Candy

Hey yall!

If you remember, these are pieces that I just recently hauled from And of course what I loved about it is that they all go nicely together since they are all rosegold color.

So here I have the RJ Graziano 10 piece bangles and the chunky link watch. I must say that the overall look of this arm candy is definitely more "fancy" as compared to my other arm candy.
This would be perfect for a fancy night out or a formal party. If you prefer to wear the bangles on their own, here is how they look stacked up together.
I prefer more casual looks when it comes to jewelries, since I like to dress casual most of the time but it's always nice to have a fancy set of jewelries for those special occasion that requires a more sophisticated appeal.

What's your favorite piece of fancy jewelry?

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