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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Customize Your Bracelets

A couple weeks ago, I was at the mall with my kiddos and noticed this new accessory store that just recently opened. I was immediately drawn by the big sign that said "all accessories are $1.00". I was like wahhhht! I need to check this out! I spent like an hour in the store, LOL. My boys were waiting outside thinking what in the world is taking her so long?

First off, yes I looked at every jewelry stand and managed to pick quite a few things...but when I got to these customized bracelets, I was stuck there for a while, lol, trying to decide on the color and the wording, etc...My daughter was also making her own customized bracelet too so this is what we came up with.

  • The top one is for myself. I had a hard time picking out a word, lol. I decided to use a French word cause it sounds cooler! hehe.
  • The second one down, I made for my friend. My daughter spotted the little breast cancer ribbon and I knew right away I had to get one for her. She was so happy and sentimental when I gave it to her. She's such a strong woman. I admire her a lot and love her like a sister.
  • The last two were done by my daughter. She has her favorite K-pop boy band, lol.
Although most of the jewelries were a dollar, these were priced differently but still pretty affordable. The band was $2.00 and you get several colors to choose from. Every letter or symbol is a dollar.
My daughter and I had a lot of fund putting these together.

I think these make really nice gifts. So my question now is if you could customize your own bracelet, what word would you put on your bracelet?

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