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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wet N Wild Megalast Nail Polish Swatches

Few days ago, I hauled these Wet N Wild polishes from Walgreens because they were on sale for buy 2 and get one free. To be honest, I went hunting for these because of the gorgeous swatches I've seen of Sugar Coat.
Well, let me just start buy saying that I don't like the brush. I hear some people like it but I don't. It's wide, uneven, stiff, and dispense a little too much product. Even when I swipe the excess polishes at the rim of the bottle, the product just keeps flowing down.
Secondly, I dislike the formula. It takes forever to dry and you are likely to make a dent or more before it gets a chance to completely dry.

I thought that Sugar Coat was like the perfect pale pink creme polish. It looked nice on every pictures I've seen. Boy, let me tell you. Don't let the picture perfect fool you because I do not plan on sugar coating this polish for you. It is sheer, streaky, and hard to get it to look even. If you don't allow enough time for the layers to somewhat dry in between coats, you will create some pulling and bald spots. What a shame! It was almost perfect. I have 3 coats on the pictures.

I'm actually surprised they named this one Disturbia. They had come out with a purple polish before with the same name. Disturbia is a dark purple eggplant color. It looks like a creme finish but if you look closely in the bottle, there is actually pink shimmers in it. The shimmers don't really translate once the color is applied on the nails. I have better luck with this one as far as application goes. It is opaque and even in two coats. However, I have the same issues with the slow-drying formula.

Break The Ice is a sheer shimmery/pearly white. Surprisingly, I liked this one more than the first two. It looks very clean and elegant. I have 3 coats on the swatches and you can still see a bit of the nail line but personally, that looks fine to me. I didn't really have any issues with the application and again, I wished it dried faster.

That is it for the swatches. I don't think I will repurchase anymore of these polishes. The slow-drying formula drives me bonkers, lol. They have a few shades to choose from but nothing impressive.

From my experience with Wet N Wild polishes, I much preferred their limited edition polishes.

Do you own other colors from this line? What do you think of them?


  1. I'm with you. I love the colors but the formula is a little tricky

  2. THANK YOU for your honest review. I have a lot of the same opinions about this line, as I mentioned the other day. I forgot to point out how much the brush sucks (I don't understand why people like it!) so thanks for mentioning that too. I think their dollar polishes are better than these.. I love WNW but was so disappointed with this product (and I think I own like 4 or 5 of them I will probably never touch again) ;[

    1. Their LE polishes are the only ones I actually like, the rest I'm not really a fan of. But yeah I dont understand how some people like these polishes. I guess I have higher expectation, idk.


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