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Monday, June 4, 2012

Arm Candy - Spice It Up

I'm very happy to be able to add this new chunky link bracelet to my collection. It looks great even on its own but I decided to spice it up by pairing it with a few more bracelets.
From left to right
  • Spike gold bracelet from Charlotte ok, I know you've seen this one in many of my arm candies but heck, it goes with everything :D
  • Studded rhinestone bracelet from H&M. What I love about this is that the rhinestones have a transparent blue, green, yellow, and pink color to it. That's better than just plain white, which is a lot more common.
  • Chunky rosegold link bracelet from RJ Graziano.
  • Studded chain and rhinestones bracelet from Icing.
I decided to skip the watch in this arm candy because it is busy enough as it is. The result...just what I was hoping for "fun and edgy" lol...Seems to be the theme of most of my arm candy.

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