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Sunday, June 17, 2012

My New Gucci Watch and Diamonds

Hello everyone,
I hope you are all having a Happy Father's day. I've been pretty busy and too tired to do a blog entry within the past couple of days. However, I always try my best to keep up with my hauls and reviews even on days I am absent from my blog.

As you can tell from the title of this post, I did some extravagant purchases within the past couple weeks. My only excuses are (1) I have no self-control and (2) these items were on sale. If you want to take me to rehab, you are certainly more than welcome too. I could use some intervention.

The first item from my haul is this beautiful Gucci watch that I purchased from Hautelook last weekend and just received it on Thursday. I was literally breaking a sweat whether or not I should get it. I added it in my cart but it took me a good 45 minute of debating when I realized that I was getting ridiculous and needed to make a decision. This was so hard to pass up but after I clicked on the purchase button there was no turning back. I slapped myself after that, LOL.
Below is a print screen I did from Hautelook, just so that you can see the specs of this watch, in case you were curious. In spite of the price, I couldn't shake off the fact that I would be getting it for nearly half off, which is an incredible saving. Was it worth it? I think most people would say that I've lost my mind...which is ok. But this watch is certainly a beauty and the pictures don't do it enough justice. The face of the watch has this shine and depth to it that my camera just can't capture.  During the day, the face looks like a silver mirror with a very subtle blue sheen to it. At night, it look a little darker and the blue sheen shows up better. A very fancy watch, indeed. I would have never paid the retail price for it but for the discount I was getting, I think it was a good investment. I paid $7.95 for shipping with no tax...which is awesome!

It arrived in this huge box. I wasn't actually expecting that since I knew it was just a watch. As you can tell from my picture, the box is about the size of my car seat and that is because the box that is holding the watch is pretty big and fancy-looking itself. Definitely something you'd want from something Gucci. The watch was nested on a soft velvety little pillow. A certificate of authenticity, warranty, and instruction booklet was also included in the box.

Secondly, I purchased these diamond jewelries also from Hautelook a week before I had placed an order with the Gucci watch. For some reason, I received these after I got my watch. So in another word, shipping varies with Hautelook.

A couple weeks ago, Hautelook had a sale with diamonds for under $100, which totally drew my attention. I bought the diamond multi-heart pendant necklace because it looked like a 4 leaf-clover. This is sterling silver and .10 ctw diamonds. The diamonds are pretty tiny. The quality of the diamonds are not so great since they have that cloudy look to them but this was only $38.50. Still pretty overall.

The other diamond piece that I bought from the diamonds for under $100 sale is this pair of princess cut diamond solitaire earrings. 0.10 ctw diamonds set on 14k white gold. The quality of the diamonds on these earrings are average. They certainly don't have the clarity that I would hope for but still pretty and sparkly. However, they are also very dainty and small. These earrings were $69.00.
I paid $5.95 shipping with no tax.

One of my disappointment is that these diamonds arrived in a little plastic bag. I mean come on. They couldn't even use a cheap paper box?

So that's it for this fancy shmancy haul. I will need to really cut back on shopping now. This left a pretty big dent in my checking account but I am really loving and enjoying my new watch and jewelries.
What was your biggest shopping splurge? Please share so that I don't feel like I'm the only one here who's abnormal, lol.

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  1. Oh my god, that is an expensive watch. I don't think I'd ever pay that amount for something like that. I found a Betsey Johnson watch at Ross I like for 21$, that was even too expensive for me, hahaha.

    1. That's ok, I understand. I've always fancied something high-end and classy and this piece fit the bill.

  2. That's a BEAUTIFUL watch, I don't blame you for getting it. That's an INSANE deal you got on it! I really love HauteLook (I just wish they would offer free shipping if you spend over a certain amount).

    I have a friend who works for HauteLook who explained their shipping process to me once, when I was bitching about having to wait 3 weeks for a large makeup order I placed (lol). He said HL doesn't have like a warehouse or anything, where they keep stock of all the things they sell. They basically take the orders then have the 3rd party company ship them the merchandise, at which point they package it in their HL tissue paper, etc, and send it out to you. This is why it takes FOREVER, and also why your purchases might arrive our of sequence from how you placed your order(s).

    I'm just really glad that they haven't been having a whole lot of cosmetics sales lately bc I was spending way too much on there at one point! Placing an order like every week!

    1. Yes, I think the discount just made me want it even more, lol. Free shipping would have been nice too but I'm still happy that I didn't have to pay tax, otherwise, that would have costed me like another $30 or so.

      I did suspect that they would wait for the company to send them the products before they ship it to us. That's ok as long as it doesn't go past 3 weeks, I can deal with it.


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