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Sunday, June 10, 2012

School's Out! Summer Kick Off With A Big Delicious Fatty Burger! LOL

Look at this bad boy who went straight to my tummy, lol. Guilty pleasures...
Kids last day of school was Friday so I told them we should celebrate! haha. We were in the mood for some burgers so we went to Red Robin. This is our third time going there and I've never had a burger that I didn't like. They are huge, flavorful, and delicious!

I didn't take pictures of what my kids ordered. They usually can't wait to dig in their food so I didn't want to get in their way with my camera, lol.
Anyhoo, the burger that I ordered is the Peppercorn Burger. It comes with fries and was $9.99.
This is how Red Robin describes it:
"Hardwood-smoked bacon, melted Pepper-Jack cheese, A.1.® Peppercorn Spread, crispy onion straws and fresh tomatoes on an onion bun. It’s a taste explosion!"

I'm not a very good critic when it comes to food but all I can say is that it was pretty good and I liked it. Most likely not good for your waistline but having these burgers once in a while really hit the spot, lol.
For my drink, I ordered the Hawaiian Heart Throb Smoothie. That was probably a bad idea also. I've probably consumed 2 days worth of calories in this one meal. I like the shape of the glass. It's cool and looks like a tornado. The smoothie is a mix of strawberries, bananas, grenadine, coconut cream, and pineapple juice. It tasted very tropical and delicious. The texture of the smoothie was very slushy, smooth, and instantly melt-in your mouth. I really liked that. My drink was $3.99.

So how did you kick off your summer? Ever ate at Red Robin? If so, what is your favorite from their menu?

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  1. Replies
    1. Sure was. I try not to go there very often cause it is pretty heavy food.

  2. That burger looks delish! It's only 9am and I'm ready for lunch lol

    1. there are days I'm way hungry before lunch.

  3. I immediately txt my bf and said "We're going to Red Robin tonight!" Lol! Idk if it's just bc I haven't eaten all day or what, but that looks AMAZING and I gotta get one tonight! ;)

    1. haha I hope you enjoyed your burger. It really hits the spot, especially if you are hungry.


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