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Monday, July 2, 2012

Forever 21 Jewelry Haul - Going Crazy For Pyramid Studs

Hi there,

I hauled these jewelries from Forever 21 a few days ago. I had a pretty busy weekend and didn't get a chance to post before I went out of town.

So as the title says, I went a bit crazy for pyramids. I just think they look cool. I had to get them in different color and style, lol.

  • I love the combination of colors in those feather earrings. I think they go really well together. $5.80.

  • Pyramid bracelet with minty studs, $8.80.

  • Faux leather bracelet with pyramid rhinestones and studs, $8.80.

  • Gold tone pyramids and chains bracelet, $4.80.

  • Silver tone pyramids and chains bracelets, $4.80.

  • Large Gold tone pyramid bracelet with clear rhinestones, $13.80.

  • Medium silver tone pyramid bracelets with clear rhinestones, $10.80.

  • Green and gold chunky bracelet, $14.80. It looks a lot prettier in person.

That's pretty much it for this haul. I've got more coming up since I did more shopping this weekend so stay tuned.


  1. Do you wear the gold pyramid bracelet with the 2 chains a lot?

  2. Awe if you don't whee the silvertone or goldstone pyramid bracelet with clear stones can I buy it from you?


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