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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Arm Candy - Silver Pearls and Chains

I've been trying to find other colors to go with silver other than black, lol. So this is the combo that I came up with.
From left to right
  • Fresh water pearls, silver and lavender. I purchased a set of 10 from Khols. I love the fact that they came in different colors. It's great for stacking.
  • Gucci Marina Chain watch. The biggest plurge I have ever done for myself. Thanks to Hautelook, I got it for nearly half of its original price.
  • Silver chain bracelet with blue suede lacing. I found this at Michaels a few weeks back when I was shopping for beads. It was less than $5.00.
  • Juicy Couture silver hinged bangle. Also got a good deal from TJ Maxx.
I like the overall look but I felt like I could've came up with a better combo. Gonna have to go back to my stash and think, heheh.



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