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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Arm Candy - Dark Florals

What can I say? I love floral designs, it's a girly thing I guess. So here's my arm candy of the day...

From left to right

  • Multi colored glass bead bracelet from Michaels. These are sold completed and ready to wear for less than $5.00! They come in many different colors. I love the multi color and faceted cut of the beads. This will go with just about anything you wear.
  • Floral bangle from Forever 21. I've had this for a while but you may be able to find something similar.
  • Gold bangle. This came from a set I purchased from Aldo.
  • Black bangle with rhinestones. This also came with a set that I purchased from Wet Seal.
I'm really digging the combination of colors in this arm candy.


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