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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Italian Fest

I had the pleasure to stop by Italian Fest after our visit to the Discovery World museum. Fortunately for me, the festival is just a few minutes walk from the museum at the Summerfest Ground. Italian Fest takes place from July 19-22. If you got there between 11:30 am and 3 pm on Friday, you could get in for free, which is awesome because the price of a ticket is $13.00 (pretty expensive if you ask me).

What can you expect at Italian Fest? Live music, food, booze, vendors selling clothes, jewelries, toys, playgrounds for kids, sky rides, shows, etc...

This is what my son and daughter ordered, stuffed lasagna roll with cheese, ceasar salad, and a breadstick, $7.00 a plate.

My youngest and I ordered a roasted beef sandwich with cheese, pickled peppers and carrots, $6.00. It was just ok. Not worth what I paid though. The bread didn't taste fresh and the beef was a little bland.

This is one scoop of hazelnut gelato, with a whooping price of $3.75. Oh and water and sodas are $3.50 a bottle!!! **faints**
I have to say that the food and drinks were very expensive and not even that tasty. If I ever go there again, it wouldn't be for the food that's for sure.

They also had gondola rides for $20 a person...ehhh IDK but I passed on that one. Parking is $10.00. For the two hours that I spent there, it was just ok in my opinion, kids kept whining that their feet were hurting and that they were hot (it wasn't even that bad but I guess kids will be kids), and everything is expensive. Nonetheless, I'm glad I checked it out.

For more info about Italian Fest in Milwaukee you can visit their website


  1. I've been following you for a while and never knew you were in Milwaukee. I'm from Milwaukee (although I don't live there now), and I LOVE festival season. That's one of the things that I miss most.

    1. Aww I didn't even know that either. I've been wanting to go out a little more this summer. I like going to festivals but I dont think my kids have much interest in it.


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