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Saturday, July 14, 2012

MAC Up The Amp - Swatches and Small Review

Up The Amp is probably more suited for those who don't mind a little color. It's a very pretty raspberry shade with cool undertone. It's bold yet not too bold, if that makes sense. This is an amplified finish so it does pack a punch of pigmentation and the formula is quite creamy. It's one of those shades I digg but yet don't wear often enough since I tend to stick to neutral looks on typical days. However, if I were to go out in the evening, this would be something I'd reach for. I think this shade will look great on every skintone.
This shade last about 3 hours on me but leaves a bit of a stain that last up to five hours. If this is your kind of color, I'm pretty sure you will love the formula and pigmentation this has to offer. Another great thing about this formula is that you can wear it with full opacity or lightly dab it on for a softer look.


  1. This was my first ever MAC lisptick and all time favorite :)


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