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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chicago Navy Pier at Night

Last weekend while I was in Chicago, we decided to go to Navy Pier to see the fireworks. I believe they do fireworks every Saturday from Spring to the end of Summer.

Navy Pier is a place both adults and children will enjoy. There is something for everyone:

  • Boats and cruises
  • The ferris wheel, swings, carousel, miniature golf, and remote control boats.
  • Shows
  • Children's museum
  • Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows
  • Dining and shopping

I was mainly interested in seeing the firework since I have never seen it but I have come to Navy Pier a few times before and I must say that there was twice the traffic and amount of crowd on a fireworks night.
We got to Navy Pier at sunset after spending most of the day at Lincoln Park and China Town. Of course, I had to get on the Ferris wheel so that I can take these beautiful night scenery.
Navy Pier is a place your whole family will love.


  1. Wow the Chicago skyline looks beautiful! I would love to visit Chi-Town one day :) I have a thing for old school carnivals with the lights and ferris wheels. I don't believe I've ever been to a real carnival. I've seen fireworks a few times in real life but it's usually really crowded and the smell is incredibly horrible. Your trip to Chicago looks like it was really fun :D

    1. It's a fun place to be. The one thing I hate about fireworks is the crowd and traffic.


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