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Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Shoes...New Jewelries

I ended up going to work yesterday for half day and it's just been a crazy restless week for me. My neck is still stiff and sore. I took my kids out to lunch when I came home and we went to the mall afterward. I felt like I needed some retail therapy and wanted to use some coupons and gift card.  
If you've been following me for a while you may have noticed that I have a big addiction for shoes, lol. I don't particularly shop for one that I need but I just buy whenever I see one that tickles my fancy. I have a pretty big shoe collection and just recently had to take some out because I dont wear them anymore. I'm going to donate them.
Anyways...on to my haul...

I bought these Jessica Simpson peep toe pumps from DSW. I fell in love with them instantly and when I tried them on, I loved them even more because they fit perfectly. I love how the front looks simple and classy and the back and heels is the total opposite with gold studs over black suede. The shoes feel pretty comfortable and true to size. The heels are approximately 4.5" with 1 inch hidden platform.This pair was $79 and some change, not too far off from the retail price, but lucky for me I had a $10 coupon.
Quick question, would you wear this to the office or is it too much? I'm kind of on the fence with this one but I'm leaning more toward yes, hehe.
I couldn't find these on DSW's website or any other so if you really want to get your feet in these you may have to do some research.

While I was at the mall, we stopped by Forever 21. My daughter wanted these black ankle boots. I would have preferred them much better if the heels were black too but nonetheless, it is still a cute pair of boots. $29.80.

I just had to get these cute heel sandals from Forever 21 also. They look very cute and totally different from what I normally buy but I love the fact that they look trendy and summery. I rarely buy shoes with prints but those flowers were too cute. It comes in two different colors navy/cream and navy/pink. The ones I bought are navy/pink. $24.80

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Now on the the jewelries...As you can see these 3 pieces were purchased from Forever 21 also. Unfortunately, I couln't find these on their website so you may have to check if your local Forever 21 store has them if you interested in any of these piece.

  • Square studs with multi-colored rhinestones, $2.80. They are about half an inch or maybe a little more in length. Really cool and pretty earrings. For the price, you can't go wrong.

  • My daughter wanted this collar necklace, $5.80. I thought it was pretty cute too. It's got some lovely details and a few rhinestones. The chain is short so this would work best if you have a slender neck.

  • Blue and mint earrings, $5.80.  The design and color are GORGEOUS and unique! What's not to love about it? These are slightly over 3 inches long.

Yeahhhh I bought more spike bracelets, lol. The reason I bought these is because they are much bigger spikes than the ones I've bought before. One spike is 3/4 of an inch in diameter and to be honest, looks way cooler than the small spikes because it reflects more light.
This set has a gold/rose gold spikes and black/silver spikes bracelets. I bought them from ALDO for $15.00.

A couple weeks ago, I was at Macy's and bought these two pieces but totally forgot to mention about them.

  • BCBG triangular earrings with rhinestones. I don't remember exactly how much I paid for them but they were around $25.00. A little pricy but still affordable if you wanted them bad enough. I love the unique shape of it. It looks edgy. They do have a good weight to them because the metal is thick.

  • Rectangular medallion necklace, around $18.00. I saw this hanging on the clearance rack and thought the design of the medallion was beautiful.
That's it for my haul. Thanks for reading.


  1. Great haul! I love Jessica Simpson shoes. I have a ton of their wedges that I wear for work for hours and they never hurt my feet!

    1. Thank you. Wedges are definitely more comfortable.

  2. Sp much cute stuff! I would totally wear that pair of JS shoes to the office, but then again I'm not totally opposed to being a little more flamboyant than my coworkers ;)

    1. I thought it looked ok for the office too. Most of my co-workers dont wear heels and prefer to look plain and simple but since I like fashion, I'm always wearing something trendy.


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