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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Camera Bag for Rebella

Friday was such a long day for me. And my neck is bothering me again. I haven't slept much these past few days so perhaps that's why I've been feeling like crap. The highlight of last night was that I went to see Magic Mike. When we got into the theater, my first thought was "why is there so many guys in here?" Isn't this a chick flick? Who knows perhaps these guys want to learn a few moves, lol.
Damn, all I gotta say is Channing Tatum is so effing fine! lol. His performance was the best. I love the way he dances.

Anyways, back to reality, I bought this camera bag Thursday night when I was at Best Buy. It's the Lowepro Toploader Zoom 45 AW. It costed around $35.00.

What I like about the bag is that it fits my Rebella like a glove and has a good amount of padding. It is also lightweight. It has a large pocket in the front big enough to hold my smaller camera other other accessories. It does look bulky but I guess not much you can do about that since it's a pretty big camera.

It also has a smaller pocket under the lid and includes a strap.

Another cool feature is that the bag has this thing where you can hook it to your belt. I would probably never wear it on my belt but perhaps some people might like that idea.

There's also a protective bag attached. I almost didn't notice it because it is tucked inside the bag. You can use it to cover the bag and protect it from the weather, like rain.

The camera bag is fairly plain and simple...Kind of boring but at least it does what I need it to do.

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