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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Makeup Look - Matte Teal & Blue With theBalm Meet Matt(e) Palette

I don't do these kind of post often enough, though I should since a lot of my makeup are being neglected. Truth is I'm getting lazy doing my face and have been wearing mostly neutral colors.

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For this look here are the product that I used...

  • Physicians Formula Bamboo bronzer
  • Illamasqua Power Blusher Nymph
  • UDPP original
  • Matt Schilling from theBalm Meet Matte palette over 2/3 of lids
  • Matt Horowitz on the outer corner of lids
  • Matt McDonald on the crease
  • Urban Decay Black Dog on the outter V for more definition
  • I lined the upper lash line with Physicians Formula Eye Booster in Ultra Black
  • I lined the lower lash line with MAC Pearlglide Intense Liner in Industrial
  • I smudged a bit of Matt Horowitz on the outter lower lash line
  • I filled my brows with Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Brown
  • I used false lashes by Love & Beauty
  • Revlon Matte Fabulous Fig. This is such a gorgeous shade with a nice formula as well.


  1. your eyes make up is so stunning!! Love to see how perfect you apply the eye shadow and mix it until giving the perfect result....and your face looks so smooth...thx for sharing

    1. Thanks hun. Sometimes my camera is a little off and doesn't always capture the colors like how I see them.

  2. Sooo beautiful! I'm really amazed, and this look suits you really well :)

  3. Yep...This look is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Love it!

  4. Thank you all for the lovely comments :)

  5. love the eye makeup. the eyeliner on lower line had added an instant pop.


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