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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Food I Ate In Chicago

Whenever I go out of town, food is also a main attraction, lol. Last Saturday, we started off with breakfast at Denny's. It was around 11 am and the temperature had already reached 95 degrees...Ughhh yeah, it was a freaken hot day. I had a Moons Over My Hammy plate, which is a grilled sourdough sandwich with ham, scrambled eggs, Swiss and American cheese. It was pretty delicious.


After strolling for a few hours at Lincoln Park, we headed to China Town, which we spent a couple hours there, site seeing, and checking out the shops.


I bought this smoothie at China Town from this place called Joyyee. Oh my freaken gosh...This is like the best smoothie I have ever had...Seriously! Look how huge it is and I think it costed me either $5 or $6. They got a zillion flavor concoction to choose from and trying to pick one was a challenge. This was a mango passion fruit smootie with some green jelly and slices of mango and watermelon on top. I was literally getting full just from drinking this smoothie. It tasted so fresh and packed with fruity goodness. I highly recommend you try out their smoothies because they are amazingly delicious!


After China Town, we headed to Connie's Pizza place, which is just a couple minutes drive from China Town. It was my oldest son's birthday and being the pizza lover that he is, pizza is what the birthday boy wants. We had a large deep dish and a large midway pizza. The pizzas were very filling and flavorful.

On the second day, we went to the New Hibachi Grill Buffet (101 Busse Road, Elk Grove Village, IL). Prior to going to the buffet, my sister and I, had gone to a bakery store to get a birthday cake for my son. His actual birthday was this day, July 1st. My sister got the buffet first and asked the waiter to put the cake in the fridge for later.

I arrived a few minutes later with the boys. I've only taken pictures of my plates because I think my kids get a little annoyed when I want to take a picture of everything, lol. The food was good and fresh. Some were a little greasy but I stayed away from those. I told my kids to save some room for dessert.

Once we were ready to have our cake, my sister went and told the waiter to bring it out, while the birthday boy was fetching some ice cream. As he was diving in his ice cream, the birthday son played over the speaker and the funniest part was the fact that he had forgotten that it was his birthday, thinking that his birthday meal was yesterday at Connie's Pizza. So he was actually looking around to see whose birthday it was until a few seconds later it hit him and he realized it was his, LMAO. They brought out the cake and lit it up with a candle. My son was very surprised but also very happy. I told him the clueless look on his face right before he saw the cake was too hilarious.


The cake was very moist. It had whipped cream topping and strawberry filling in the middle.

This concludes the yummy food I had this past weekend.


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  1. Your food pics make me so hungry! And that smoothie looks so yummy! Have to put that on my list when I visit Chicago!


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