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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Blush Stash

Hello Beautifuls,

Just wanted to share with you a sneak peak at my blush stash. I know rarely post about them but that is going to change soon.

I plan on swatching them by brand. Some of them I have already swatched or reviewed, in this case I will hyperlink them so you can view them now if you wish.
As you can see at first glance, I have a pretty decent collection. Perhaps not as extensive as some but still more than what a typical person actually need.

MAC Blushes

Top row, left to right: Azalea Blossom, Amazon Princess, Stereo Rose
Second row, left to right: Hang Loose, Happy Together, Band Of Roses, Prim & Proper, Dirty Plum
Third row, left to right: Gentle, On a Mission, Bite of an Apple, Lady blush

These are the two new addition to my MAC blushes and I purchased them after I took pictures of the ones above. On the left: Center of the Universe. On the right: Ring of Saturn.

Milani Blushes

Top row, left to right: Mai-Tai, Red Vino, Rose D'Oro, Berry Amore
Bottom row, left to right: Dolce Pink, Corallina, Fantastico Mauve, Luminoso

On the left: Amber Nectar. On the right: Beauty's Touch

ELF Studio Blushes

Top left: Pink Passion
Top right: Candid Coral
Bottom: Fuchsia Fusion 


Ok, please disregard the dirtiness of the palettes but on the flip side this is what you should expect from NARS packaging.
Bottom: NARS Danmari Palette


Top row, left to right: Natural, Tickled, Boho Chic
Bottom row, left to right: Cinnamon, Pinched

Sally Hansen

Yes the top two are still unopened :-/
Top left: Beaming
Top right: Cherub
Bottom: Orchid

Physicians Formula

Left: Rose
Right: Rose Pearl

Wet N Wild

These two were part of a limited edition set, thus why different packaging.
Left: Mellow Wine. I'm not sure if this one is available as part of the permanent line.
Right: Pearlescent Pink. You can get a full size blush from Wet  N Wild's permanent line.

Others Brands

Top row, left to right: Maybelline Brick Rose, Tarte Blissful, Flirt! Heartthrob, Illamasqua Nymph
Second Row, left to right: Philosophy cream blush Look on the Bright Side, Love & Beauty Pink, Maybelline Dream Bouncy Pink Frosting, Sephora + Pantone Color of the Year blush duo
Third Row, left to right: Femme Couture Lip and Cheek Stain duo, Josie Maran Blush/Bronzer duo Flushed

I am not sure if I will swatch the unopened blushes as I was thinking about including them in a giveway.

Thanks for reading. Any questions, let me know.


  1. You just sent me to blush heaven! Btw, Mellow Wine is a permanent blush :) My obsession with blush really didn't start until the past year or so and I've accumulated a lot (to me) very quickly. You can never have enough :X

    1. Ah thanks for clearing that up about Mellow Wine. I wouldn't say that I am obsessed with blushes but I do feel that my face doesn't look right without it. My obsession lies more within nail polishes at the moment. I am impulsed to buy them more than any other beauty product.

  2. Ah, amazing post.. I really loved checking out your collection! Blush was one of those things I never used (I actually hated it) until about 2 years ago and now I feel like it's essential to my "base face" lol. I'm so addicted to blush & bronzers and am always looking to expand what I have on hand.. can't wait to see your swatches ;)

    1. I can't live without blushes but I have to admit that I know I don't need a large collection to make me happy. I just love shopping and hoarding new things, lol.

  3. You have a great collection of blushes! Wow I'm envious! You have so much from MAC! I love reading your posts! I was once a nail art polish addict, just sharing :)


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