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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dinner At PF Chang's

Hello there!
This is a bit of a late post but better late than never I suppose. Last week, I had a little get together with my sisters and we decided to try something new so we went to PF Chang's.
My take on the restaurant is that it is a pretty nice place and can get a bit crowded. I found the lights a little too dim for my liking. Otherwise, the food was good. It doesn't look like authentic Chinese food, then again, what do I know, lol, I'm not an expert on Chinese cuisine but it just appear very americanized to me, the food and the overall decor. Heck even the staff were not asians...uhhh duhh, lol.
We decided to do the two 4 course meal for two. It includes a soup, appetizer, entree, and dessert for $39.95. That's a pretty sweet deal I think. If you'd like to take a peak at their menu, you can view it HERE.

Our entrees consisted of Kung Pao shrimp (one of my favorite dish), Ginger Chicken with brocoli, Mongolian Beef (my second favorite dish), Pepper Steak, and Beef a la Sichuan. Each of us had a small bowl of rice included with the meal. The rice didn't tastes that great but whatever.

Hot and sour soup on the left and egg drop soup on the right. My sister said the soup is very sour. I'm glad I went with the egg drop. It was just ok, I've had better egg drops.

Pan fried pork dumplings with dipping sauce. It was good but nothing special about it.

Chicken lettuce wraps, my third favorite dish. I love the crispiness of the lettuce, noodles, and water chestnuts. It was well-seasoned and very delicious. I definitely recommend you try this dish.
Ooops and I forgot to take a picture of our desserts but they were like shooter size. Just enough to hit the spot.

Overall, we didn't wait too long to get seated and the service was pretty good. I would come back again. I really enjoyed some of the dishes.

Have you ever ate at PF Chang's?

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