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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Zoya Nail Polish Swatches - Gilda, Tracie, & Zuza

Hi yalll!

These are the new Zoya polishes that I got the other day from Ulta and I wanted to share some swatches with you.

  • Gilda, a very bright and sparkling fuchsia pink polish. The formula is jelly and has a cool squishy look to it with the shimmers entwined in it. Rebella just couldn't focus very well, but that might have been my fault cause I wasn't able to keep my hand steady since she is so heavy, lol. I'm gonna have to use the tripod to see if images would come out better. Gilda is sheer on the first coat. You might be able to get away with two coats but I like it better with 3 coats, which is what I have on my swatches. I didn't have any issues with application and I ended up liking this polish a lot more than I anticipated.

  • Tracie is a beautiful sage green with a hint of silver shimmers. I thought I was going to love this polish but I ended up disliking it. I really didn't like the formula on this one. It was really weird. Sometimes it applied like normal and sometimes it felt thick and goopy, pooling to the side and bubbling. I had a hard time getting the application to look even. It took me 3 tries in order to get it to look decent enough for a picture. I have 2 coats on the swatches and it is pretty opaque. It was a real pain to apply and it's such a shame because I really like the color but requires too much work, lol. This will have to go back.

  • Is it a teal or is is a turquoise? How about a turteal? LOL. I feel like the shade is right in between the two, not only that but Zuza also has a mix of gold and silver shimmers, haha for a minute I thought I was seeing double cause I couldn't tell if it was gold or silver but when I looked it up on Zoya's website, it is described as having both gold and silver shimmers. Whew, I'm not crazy. I have two coats on the swatches and I find the formula to be perfect. Not too thin or too thick and applies like a breeze.

Which is your favorite Zoya polish?

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  1. Love all the colors! :) <3



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