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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Arm Candy - I've Got The Blues

Ahhh yes, I've got the blues on my arm and on my mind. I'm kinda in and out of it, lol...but I like it much better on my arm.

Here is what I have from left to right:

  • Silver bangle with rhinetones from Sears
  • Pyramid bracelet with minty blue stones from Forever 21
  • White pearl bracelet from Charlotte Russe
  • Silver chain bracelet with blue suede lacing from Michaels
  • Blue pearl bracelet from Forever 21
  • Blue beads and chain bracelet from Michaels

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the combo.


  1. I love the pyramid one from f21 and I'm inspired by the suede one from Michaels. I'm a new follower and blogger. Come check my blog out.

    1. Thank you for following my blog. I'll be checking yours as well.


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