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Monday, July 23, 2012

Rocker Chick Arm Candy

Hello everyone,
I hope you had a great weekend. Mine would have been better if my neck wasn't hurting like hell. I fell on my hip the other day when I was at the Discovery World museum and I don't know if that has anything to do with it but I feel like I have a huge knot on my neck and it's been pretty painful all weekend. I hope it goes away soon.I'm a little sad that my vacation is over and will be returning to work tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I have a huge load of stuff to do once I get back.

Anyways, here's my arm candy of the day...From left to right
  • Braided beads that I did myself. If you'd like to see a tutorial on how I did it, click HERE.
  • Studded faux leather bracelet from Love Culture. I love how you also get rhinestones and chains in this bracelet. Looks very cool.
  • Black spike bracelet from Charlotte Russe
I feel that since the main bracelet had a lot going on already, I just added two simple bracelet. Not something I would wear to work but definitely on the weekend.

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