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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Estee Lauder Take It Away Makeup Remover Review

Hello Lovelies,

I've been feeling lazier these days. I miss doing a lot of things that I normally do but my road to recovery is on the right path. I only have to wear my boot for 2 more weeks but I've been getting frequent muscle cramps.

Today, I'll be reviewing this makeup remover that I purchased at the CCO for $20.00. Now, if you get this at any other Estee Lauder counters, you'll pay $25.00 for it.

What Estee Lauder says about this remover...
Quickly and gently removes all makeup, even long-wear or waterproof formulas.
Unique water-based creme-gel refreshes you with a crisp herbal citrus scent.
Rinses away easily and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth with no greasy afterfeel or oily residue.


  • Minty Blue plastic container with a pump. I'm a bit surprised it didn't come with a cap but when you move the head to the correct spot there is a lock mechanism that prevents the pump from dispensing products. The pump works well and is easy to control. 
  • 6.7 oz or 200 ml. A pretty generous amount I'd say. 

  • This is a cream makeup remover. You basically apply to the area you need to remove makeup and wipe it off with a cotton round. 
  • It doesn't work as effectively as I would like because it takes a lot of time for it to dissolve my eye makeups and it smears them all over my eyes when I try to wipe it off. 
  • I prefer to use it to remove my face makeup because it's less messy.
  • Because it is a cream and doesn't leave any oily residue, I also like to use this to fix and remove any makeup mistake I might have made. 
  • It's non-irritating and has a fresh scent. 
Final Thought

Overall, this is just an ok remover. I would not recommend this for removing eye makeup and waterproof makeup since it doesn't do a very good job in that area. However, for removing face makeup, I find it handy. The bottle contains a generous amount that will last me a long time. I don't think I will repurchase once I'm done with it though. 

Rating: 8/10

Price: $25.00
Available at Estee Lauder and Cosmetics Company Outlet.


  1. I think it's a bit too expensive for not being a 10/10 make up remover... I would still prefer Bioderma ones :)


    1. Yeah at this price point I would expect better.

  2. I personaly think this is a really good makeup remover. Worked great on me. I use washable makeup & hardly use any waterproof. Agree that its a little expensive & there are so many other good options to choose from.

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    1. yeah it's not that effective when it comes to smudge-proof or waterproof makeup. Otherwise it works ok.

  3. Thanks for sharing, I might have to try this out.

  4. This seems like a pretty good makeup remover, but I prefer one that does it all without having to reach for something else. Thanks for reviewing and sharing.

  5. Some people really enjoy cream makeup removers but i find them to be such a hassle ;p I dont have the patience for it but it seems more soothing if done in a patient way haha :)
    I do like this line of moisturizers from EL =) Smells fresh!

    1. I like fresh scent but the scent on this particular remover is just ok to me. I only like using cream remover to fix little mistakes.

  6. Hmm, I've been using Neutrogena's makeup remover wipes for the past year & the only thing I like better than them is coconut oil. The wipes don't leave you feeling oily & they remove EVERYTHING. The coconut oil obviously leaves me oily, but it take EVERYTHING off also.

    1. Hmm between the two, I think I would prefer the wipes.


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