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Sunday, April 21, 2013

theBalm Shady Lady Eyeshadow Palettes Vol1, Vol 2, and Vol 3 - Swatches (Pic Heavy)

Happy Sunday everyone!

I've been slacking off these past couple days, hence the absence of my daily posts. I guess I just needed a break, aside from that my back has been sore and there's just so long I can sit up straight until it get really uncomfortable. Since I had that fall last month, my body just doesn't feel the same. My kids sarcastically make fun of me and tell me I'm just getting old. I'm sure part of that is true but I tell them "yes, I'm getting old but I've also been injured so that's different. Better have some respect or else your kids are going to threat you the same way when you get old."

I've had these eyeshadow palettes for a while and I've barely touched them, which is why I never did a review. To be honest, I don't wear eyeshadows on the regular. I don't even need all of these but I'm greedy, what can I say? Anyways, I figure I should at least show you some swatches. I'm sure any of you who are familiar with theBalm know that their eyeshadows are of excellent quality. I was fortunate enough to have gotten them on sale. Two of them from TJ Maxx and I can't remember where I got the other, I'm thinking TJ Maxx or Marshalls but I can't be certain. Hautelook has had some occasional sales from theBalm as well so if you wait around you can actually get a good deal on these without paying full price.

Each of these palettes comes with 9 different shades, includes a large mirror, and measures approximately 5" x 5". They contain a generous amount of products. Each retails for $39.50. Swatches were done without a primer.

theBalm Shady Lady Volume 1

Shady Lady Volume 1 comes with a cheetah print cover. Net weight is .68 oz or 19.4 g.

Luscious Lani - shimmery pinkish light beige
Curvy Cami - reddish/grey purple with some silver shimmer sparkles
Easy Wheezie - medium grey with a satin finish
Shameless Shana - shimmery golden medium brown
Risque Renee - dark grey with a bluish undertone and satin finish
All About Alex - shimmery golden olive green
Caught in the Act Courtney - dark brown with gold shimmer sparkles
Jealous Jordana - shimmery dark forest green
Jet-Setting Jennifer - shimmery light golden beige

All of the colors have a pretty good pigmentation and feel nice and soft but Luscious Lani, All About Alex, and Jet-Setting Jennifer are the softest, creamiest, and smoothest in terms on texture.


theBalm Shady Lady Volume 2

Shady Lady Volume 2 has a zebra print cover. Net weight is .6 oz or 17 g.

Insane Jane - shimmery metallic taupe
Just This Once Jamie - light shimmery lilac
Devilish Danielle - light shimmery beige
Feisty Felicia - dark greyish black with sparkly pink shimmers
Makeout Mary - shimmery golden green
Tempting Tara - ultra shimmery bright white
Caught in the Act Courtney - dark brown with gold shimmer sparkles. This is a repeat color from Vol 1.
Bossy Bobbi - dark metallic shimmery grey with a flash of teal in it
Mischievous Marissa - shimmery light bronze

All of the colors have a pretty good pigmentation and feel nice and soft but Insane Jane, Devilish Danielle, Makeout Mary, Tempting Tara, Bossi Bobbi, Mischevious Marissa, are the softest, creamiest, and smoothest in terms on texture. I was a bit surprised to see Caught in the Act Courtney again on Volume 2, but I'm glad it's the only repeat color in all of the palettes.


the Balm Shady Lady Volume 3

Shady Lady Volume 3 has a giraffe print cover. Net weight is .51 oz or 14.4 g.

Racy Kacy - shimmery metallic reddish brown
Come-Hither Heather - medium greyish taupe with a satin finish
Guilty Gwen - matte black with teal and pink shimmer sparkles
Envious Erin - shimmery bright white
Runaround Rebecca - shimmery light green with a subtle brown duochrome
All The Way Annie - dark reddish purple, satin finish, with pink and teal shimmer sparkle
Lusty Lee - medium shimmery metallic grey
Safe Bet Annette - light shimmery pink
Open To Offers Olwen - shimmery teal

All of the colors have a pretty good pigmentation and feel nice and soft but Racy Kacy, Envious Erin, Runaround Rebecca, Safe Bet Annette, are the softest, creamiest, and smoothest in terms on texture.


So here's the rundown about what I think about these palettes:

  • As with any eyeshadow palettes on the market, you will find that some shades are softer and have a better quality and feel over others. I also find that to be true in these palettes; however, the overall quality of the eyeshadows are from good to excellent, which makes these palettes a pretty good buy. They are undeniably some of the best you can get and some of the best in my eyeshadow stash as well. 
  • They have a good range of colors but most of them are pretty toned-down. 
  • Most of the eyeshadows go from mildly shimmery to super high shine shimmers. Would have been nice if they had a couple mattes in each palettes.
  • Though the size and packaging look similar in all of these palettes, I just noticed that the net weight indicated on the product has gradually decreased from volume 1 to 3. 
  • If you like the colors and if you like shimmers, you can't go wrong with any of these palettes. 
  • Similar colors
    • Tempting Tara (vol 2) and Envious Erin (vol 3). Envious Erin looks slightly warmer but the difference is so subtle, it doesn't even matter. 
    • Caught in the Act is both on Vol 1 and Vol 2. 
    • Luscious Lani (vol 1) and Safe Bet Annette (vol 3). The color is very close but Safe Bet Annette is more shimmery. 

Hope you found this post helpful. Let me know what you think of these if you've tried them or if you plan on purchasing them. 


  1. ahhh they swatch so beautifully that I can tell they feel soft :P I'd def go for 1 or three, though they are all a bit similar!

    1. I thought they were kinda similar but I think there's enough difference to collect all three.

  2. Wow, these are shimmery and very pretty :) I love how they have a shade called Jetsetting Jennifer LOL :D

    1. Thanks. Yeah I dunno how they come up with those name but sure is better than a number.

  3. All of those shades look gorgeous. I don't own any theBalm products but have been meaning to try out some of their eyeshadows and blushes. Hopefully they will bring back the sets for TJMaxx or Marshalls since I missed out on the sale before.

    1. Yeah hopefully or you can snag them on hautelook next time they go on sale.

  4. I've seen these in Beauty Brands - they look really pretty!

    1. They are and the quality is well worth it.

  5. I really like the 1st and 3rd palette :) thanks for your swatches!

  6. Lots of really pretty colours, and great pigmentation! I love the 3rd palette the most. I would love to try products from the balm, hopefully I will get to one day! xx

    1. Definitely try their eyeshadows cause they're pretty good.

  7. Gorgeous eyeshadows, thanks for the swatches.

  8. the colors are great but it seems really alike between them! great post

    1. Yeah I thought they looked similar but I was ok with that since I got all three of them on sale.

  9. Oh my god I love them all!!! they're all so pigmented, I need them xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  10. All of these look really nice and I wouldn't mind having all of them! Very nicely pigmented! Love them!

    1. Yes pigmentation is pretty good considering I did not use a primer for the swatches

  11. I haven't tried anything from this brand but the colors are so stunning, I love the unique shimmery shades! - Boho Vanity

    1. So far all I've tried is the eyeshadows and they're pretty good.

  12. I've got two singles from them, and they are divine! I've seen theses but don't need another palette right now! My favorite is the third!

    1. Yes the quality of their eyeshadows are really good so the more the merrier for me, hehe...I try to get them during a sale so that I won't feel too guilty.


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