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Monday, April 29, 2013

DIY Prom Corsage and Matching Boutonniere

I know this post is out of the ordinary but I still wanted to show you something pretty that I did. Last weekend, my son attended prom and instead of purchasing a corsage, I decided it do it myself. First, they are quite expensive and a corsage similar to the one I made runs around $45-50.
After purchasing my supplies, my total cost was just roughly $20.00.

To be honest, I had no clue what I was doing or how I was going to do it but I just had a general idea of how to do it. Please excuse my lack of pictures tutorial because it's not easy being both the photographer and the somewhat crafty person.

Mainly what you'll need is:

  • Flowers
  • Ribbons
  • Foral tapes
  • A bracelet

You can find these supplies at any craft stores.

1.  First, I grabbed a handful of flowers and leaves and position them like a small bouquet. I use the floral tape to tie them together, like so.

2.  Once I am done wrapping the flowers together, I leave about 2-3 inches of stems and cut the rest.

3. I wrapped the ribbon around the remaining stem and created a few loops of ribbons. I actually sew the loops of the ribbon by hand.

4. I use a few strings of small ribbons to secure the flowers on to the bracelet.

The matching boutonniere was a LOT easier to do. Only took me 5 minutes. Took me about an hour for the corsage. The process was similar to the corsage. After I used the floral tape to tie the flowers together. I wrapped a ribbon over it and finished it with a bow accent.

Just had to end it with a picture of the prom boy. If you'd like to see more pictures, you can view it on my other blog

How do you think I did? Have you ever tried to do a prom corsage or boutonniere yourself?


  1. I have made boutonnieres but never a citrate - excellent work! It is gorgeous! And your son is so handsome!

    1. Thanks. The boutonniere was so much easier. The corsage was pretty big and I love how it turned out too. I can't believe how fast my kids have grown.

  2. My prom just pasted last Friday. xD Yours looks 10x better than the ones I've seen, including mine. ^^;

    1. I hope you had fun! I never went to my prom :(. The nice thing about DIY is that you get make it as nice and as big as you want and still cost you half of what you would have paid to have it made for you.

  3. You did a nice job! Back in highschool my and my dates flowers were purchased and oh my, I remember how expensive they were. But, for my wedding, I made all the boutonnieres for my husband, father, the groomsmen, etc. and my bouquet as well as the bouquets for my bridesmaids. It saved a TON of money and they turned out fabulous. Back in highschool I had taken a floral design class so working with flowers was something I knew I could do, do well, and be able to save money in the process. I think it is awesome that you stepped up to make the flowers for your son and his dates prom. Nicely done!

    1. I agree, it's amazing how much they charge you so DIY can save you a ton of money. That's pretty cool that you took a floral class, that sure helped. I just sorta improvised for mine, which in the end worked out.

  4. You did an awesome job! They are both so lovely. It seems your talents are endless. :) Your son looks very handsome in his prom tuxedo. Hope he had a great time!

    1. Thank you. The good thing is it wasn't too complicated to do. I'm not much of a crafty person but I can be when it's needed.

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