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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NYX Incredible Waterproof Concealer Review

A name like that is bound to attract a lot of people, well at least people like myself. With the upcoming warmer weather, it totally makes sense to have a waterproof concealer in my arsenal for days I'll be out in the sun and sweating bullets. So on a whim, I picked up this new NYX concealer while I was able to get on sale at Ulta few weeks ago.


  • Twist up or retractable pencil concealer with a medium round tip. 
  • The packaging looks a bit cheap but I guess it's not too bad
  • .052 oz or 1.5 g
  • These come in a few shades and I picked up the shade light, which best matches the color of my skin.
  • The first thing I noticed is that the concealer is quite creamy and blends easily. It doesn't go on matte and has a slight hint of shine to it. 
  • The coverage is rather light so it doesn't do a good job at covering blemishes but works decently for my mild under-eye dark circles.
  • One thing that annoyed me is that the concealer doesn't seem to "set". It just sits there on top of your skin and remains creamy. I highly recommend you use a powder foundation to set it. Even after a few minutes after application, if you touch the area you applied it, it will smear. 

Final Thought

The formula was rather disappointing. Totally not what I was expecting from a waterproof concealer. The coverage is light and the fact that it doesn't "set" and will smear at the slightest touch is an indication that it doesn't last very well on the skin. 

Rating: 5/10.

Do you know a good waterproof concealer? If yes, please tell me which one you recommend I try.


  1. I don't know of a waterproof conceal besides the Lancôme on which I've never liked. I try to just get thru the summer by not sweating :)

    1. I noticed that Lancome had one too last time I was shopping there but never tried. I can never get through summer without sweating. I'm one of those unfortunate ones who sweat easily and profusely, :(

  2. I was almost going to buy this today for their 40% off sale at Ulta but so glad that I didnt't.

    1. Ah good for you. I can't even return it now that I'm handicapped.


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