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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Motives Pressed Eyeshadow Fantasy - Swatch and Review

Hello Pretties,

Today, I'll be reviewing this pressed eyeshadow that Motives sent me for review.

What Motives says about their pressed eyeshadows
  • Impeccable color retention that does not run or crease so you always look your best
  • Even, smooth and silky application for a glamorous glow
  • Deflects the light away from fine lines, skin imperfections and hyper-pigmentation, creating a flawless look
  • Mix and match to create a soft, natural or dramatic look
  • Paraben, fragrance and oil free


  • Sturdy, practical, and durable. 
  • .06 oz or 1.8 g


  • Fantasy is a shimmery medium lavender purple.
  • The texture is soft, finely milled, and easily blendable. I didn't get any fall out during application.
  • I thought the pigmentation on this particular shade was a bit weak yet it showed up fairly well over a good primer.
  • I didn't experience any creasing or fading after 8 hours with a good primer as base (I used Urban Decay Primer Potion).

Final Thought

I would have loved it much more if the pigmentation was a bit more intense but other than that it has some good qualities. The formula is soft, blendable, and I'm pleased that it didn't crease or fade after wearing it for 8 hours. 

My rating: 9/10

Price: $12.50
Available at

If you by any chance decide to purchase from Motives, I would greatly appreciate if you put me as reference when you register. My email is Motives has agreed to give 15% to 20% discount for my audience so be sure to mention that you were referred through my blog. You may message them for more detail on the discount. Also, purchase over $100 qualifies for free shipping. Let me know if  you have any questions. :)


  1. Really pretty color :) I think purples are gorgeous. The pigmentation looks pretty good to me ^_^

    1. It is indeed a gorgeous shade of purple. I love purples as well.

  2. I'm always interested in trying something new! I have some colors like that but they always fade.

    1. Hmm sometimes it depends on the primer you're wearing but I know some eyeshadows are too loose and just can't stay put. This one feels a bit creamy.

  3. This actually reminds me of a shadow I used to have when I was something like...I don't know...13 or 14... I think it was an original Milani shadow. I can remember being extremely excited because at the time, drugstores, even within lines line Milani... didn't really have anything bold in color.

    1. I always thought that you preferred neutral colors. Back in the days the drugstore products weren't that great but they are definitely getting better.


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