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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Earrings and Hair Clip

Hello Lovelies,

I went to the Doc today and he diagnosed me with hip contusion, which is deep bruising and swelling. So I'm supposed to use ice packs and he prescribed me a higher dose of Ibuprofen, which doesn't seem to do anything for the pain. Right now I have an ice pack stuck on my bootie, let's see if that helps.

I wanted to post about a couple accessories that I picked up last week.
Dots earrings were BOGO 50%. These were around $6.00 each at regular price. I don't often find jewelries there that catch my eyes but these two did. It must be the way the rhinestone sparkles. It has an iridescent rainbow-like effect, going from pink, teal, and purple. Very pretty, girly, and sparkly...just how I like it, lol.

The hair clip and liners were purchased from Burlington Coat Factory. I can't remember the exact price anymore but they were around $3-$4 each. I'm a sucker for cute hair clips, even if I don't clip my hair very often.

The liners do show up a bit when I'm wearing my flats but my feet are much more comfortable when I wear them. These are well made and by a brand that focuses on comfort and quality so I think they will last me a while.


  1. Those earrings are really cute! Good score!

  2. Wow love the earrings, the bow is adorable!

  3. You find the best deals. I'm loving both pairs of earrings, the first pair especially because I sorta love big earrings. The bow earrings are really cute though.

    1. I used to wear big earrings all the time. I still do once in a while. I'm more into medium size earrings now.


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