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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

LORAC Ready, Set, Splash Eyeliner Set - Review & Swatches

Hello Lovelies,

Today, I felt worst then yesterday. It wasn't until last night when the pain started to kick-in. I'm sore everywhere. Nothing alarming or life-threatening but I suppose that's expected since I slammed pretty hard on the ground.

I've had the chance to try out this new eyeliner set for the past couple of days and wanted to have this review up as soon as possible. As stated on the packaging, this set is exclusive to Ulta. You get 4 full size eyeliners for $28.00.

What it says on the packaging...

Make a splash with LORAC's 3-in-1 waterproof eyeliner pencil collection. These BUDGE-PROOF, SMUDGE-PROOF pencils have a creamy and velvety-smooth texture for intense, rich color that glides on easily for a precise line that lasts. Each pencil features its own built-in sharpener and smudger for effortless, versatile application. 
Pencil set includes 4 sizzling shades in: Ultra Black, Charcoal, Jade, Navy


  • I didn't realize these were automatic pencils until I opened the package because they look like regular pencil liners.
  • Each pencil comes with a sharpener and smudger. I like that they also included a cap on the smudgers.
  • The smudger/sharpener don't fit as snug as I would like so they can fall off easily. Otherwise, the overall packaging is nice. 
  • Net weight per liner is .02 oz or .6 g


  • Obviously, right off the bat, I'm sure you can predict what I'm going to say based on the swatches above. The texture of these liners are pretty dry and they feel a bit waxy in spite of their matte appearance. Because of that, they don't apply smoothly and even pull and tug a bit more than I want during application. At this point, this was already a deal breaker for me. I cannot stand eyeliners that do that. I even ended up breaking the tip of Jade as I was swatching it due to the amount of pressure I had to use. 
  • Pigmentation was nothing to rave about. I mean yeah, it does show but is it intense and rich in color? I don't think so. You need to apply pressure in order to get some color and that's not good to do that on your eyes. 
  • While I found these to be waterproof'; however, if you have oily or somewhat oily lids, eventually the color is going to dissolve, smudge, and fade. I notice that happening after 3 hours of wear. Yep, they gave me panda eyes.
  • This doesn't work very well on the waterline since I can't get a decent amount of color to show up. 

Final Thought

Honestly, if they had testers I probably wouldn't have picked it up. I should've asked but I thought that since this is a high-end brand that I wouldn't need to worry about the quality. I was wrong. I wanted to have this review up asap so that you are aware of the issues I've had with them. And since I'll be going to Ulta tomorrow to pick up the Too Face BB Cream, I definitely plan to return these. 
Bottom line is they are nothing as described except waterproof. I'm so disappointed that the formula was a big fail, really not what I was expecting from LORAC. 

My rating: 5/10.


  1. I just noticed I'm on your Lovely Bloggers sidebar - That's soooo nice thank you! I see you also follow RaninySunRayNails - isn't she talented?!? And thank you for the quick review on these - I was hoping they were going to be a win! But it's best if I stay out of Ulta ;)

    1. You are welcome :). Rainysunraynails is very talented. I envy her nails art! I don't have much patience when it comes to that. It's bad enough I have to wait for my nail polish to dry, lol. Don't even bother with the right hand nails. I can never get it to look as good as the left hand nails.
      I really wanted to love these liners cause the packaging looked nice and seemed promising.

  2. I remember seeing these in store and was almost going to buy them but not anymore. They look so dry from your swatches and thats horrible that these eyeliners gave you panda eyes after a couple of hours. Thats a no-no for me. Thanks for the review!

    1. yea skip these. I'm so disappointed. I expected much better from that brand.

  3. I was excited to see this review...too bad they didn't work out. Thanks for saving me $$$. :)

  4. thank god i skipped on them! i actually thought they were gonna be awesome. specially because i usually love most things from them :/

    1. Glad you didn't waste your money on it.


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