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Friday, March 22, 2013

Hard Candy and Estee Lauder Haul

Hello Lovelies,

You know I gotta say the new display of Hard Candy products really got me wanting to try a few of them out. Some of the shades I wanted to grab were sold out so I guess that's another reason for me to go back and get some more at a later time. For now, this is was I was able to get my hands on...

Hard Candy Shadowholic Eye Crayon in Golden Rule. This has got to be the fattest eyeshadow pencil I have ever seen. It's kinda cute actually and conveniently included a sharpener made to fit. It claims to last up to 12 hours and being waterproof. Qualities I typically look for in eyeliners. We shall see how it performs.

Hard Candy Walk The Line Liquid Eyeliner in Praline. I love the packaging. So cute! Just had to try it. Praline is a metallic brownish taupe kind of shade.

Yeahhh, I grabbed two more polishes. Party Central kinda looks like Hip Hop Hooray in a way yet it's not exactly the same, haha. I'm gonna have to compare the two for you as I am curious to see how similar or not they are. Crush on Tin looks like the greener version of Chanel Graphite, which I loooove.

Hard Candy All Lid Up Cream Eyeshadow in Pining 4 U. These are supposedly crease-proof and long wearing. I cannot wait to test this out because if it is, I might have to grab a couple more of these, hehe.

My sister and I made a pit stop at the CCO last weekend and after looking around for a while, I grabbed only two items. Trying to stick with stuff I need. Ok so I didn't really need the Take It Away makeup remover at the moment; however, I do use makeup remover a lot and it's always good to have some back up. 

I typically use powder just to set my foundation; however, I prefer to use powder makeup rather than translucent powders. It gives me more coverage and makes my skin look better too. This compact is bigger than the typical compact I've used in the past.

Stay tuned for reviews in the next couple weeks.

Have you tried any of the new Hard Candy cosmetics?


  1. I'm really curious about those Hard Candy chubby shadow sticks too. Can't wait for your review!

  2. I love the heavy duty concealer from hard candy, they weren't joking when they said heavy duty!

    1. Yeah that one is pretty good. I like it too.

  3. I don't have any Hard Candy cosmetics. I'm waiting on my Walmart to get the new Hard Candy polishes - I don't know what's taking them so long. Can't wait to see all of your swatches!

    1. My closest Wal-Mart still doesn't have the Flower Cosmetics either.

  4. i miss posting comments on your posts!


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