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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Motives Luxe Precision Eye Liner Jet Black - Review and Swatches

Looks like a nice day outside. I really wished I could get out. The last time I was stuck at home for this long was when I was on maternity leave...Damnnn that was long time ago! It's been a rather long week for me. My ankle seems slightly improved though I still feel a bit of pain and tenderness. It's still quite swollen and I am most comfortable lying down with my ankle elevated. No fun for me. Hope next week goes faster.

On the bright side, I've been testing a few products and here's my review of the Motives Luxe Precision Eye Liner that Motives sent me for review.

What Motives say about the Luxe Precision Eye Liner

  • Waterproof, long-lasting formula
  • Velvet touch precision tip for accurate application
  • Will not scratch, tug, or slip
  • Available in neutral colors that will enhance your eyes’ natural beauty


  • Maker type of eyeliner with a felt tip applicator. One thing I love about this type of applicator is that they are super easy to use and one nice thing about this particular liner is that the applicator is actually soft and not stiff like some. This makes application much more comfortable.
  • .04 oz or 1.2 ml


  • Jet Black is quite black with just one pass. The applicator allows you to draw a medium to thick line and I found it rather easy to use though I wished it glided a little more upon application. 
  • The longevity of this liner is awesome. It does not budge, smudge, or fade and stays put until I take it off.
  • It is however not waterproof as they stated. It does run and fade when in contact with water.

Final Thought

Overall, it's a nice eyeliner due to the ease of use, the soft felt-tip applicator, and longevity. I'm not sure why they labeled it as waterproof because I didn't find it to be the case. 

Rating: 9/10

Price: $14.00
Available at

If you by any chance decide to purchase from Motives, I would greatly appreciate if you put me as reference when you register. My email is Motives has agreed to give 15% to 20% discount for my audience so be sure to mention that you were referred through my blog. You may message them for more detail on the discount. Also, purchase over $100 qualifies for free shipping. Let me know if  you have any questions. :)


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