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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Flowers Arm Candy

I love flowers and I also love them as jewelry pieces. I really like how colorful and pretty this arm candy is. Definitely one of my favorite arm candy.

From left to right
  • I bought these two flowery jade bracelets from a small shop in China town, Chicago. They were cheap and so adorable! I definitely want to buy more of these Chinese bracelets if I come across them again.
  • I purchased the purple cuff flower from JCPenney a while back. It's very simple and beautiful and the marbled effect on the petals are gorgeous.
  • My sister gifted me a jade bracelet, yes it right underneath the purple flower on the right. I thought that since I have some jade flowers going there, I might as well throw this one also. It looks good with the rest of them I think.
  • The last piece is a goldtone flowery bracelet that I purchased from Avon. I've had this for at least 2 years I think and the color is as good as new. That's amazing for a cheap bracelet.

Overall, this arm candy is very pretty and elegant. I have not worn it out yet but I sure plan to because I love this combo.


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