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Monday, May 21, 2012

Claire's StarStruck Collection Little Dipper Swatches

This is the second polish I bought from the Starstruck collection at Claire's since they are BOGO 50% off and one polish cost $6.50.
I'm not too crazy about the shape of the bottle. I think it makes it look bulkier, yet it still hold the same amount of product of an average nail polish.
Little Dipper's formula is similar to that of Moon Dust. It's like a bright orange jelly base color with lots of gold shimmers. The first coat is sheer but the second coat can look decent if you use a thick coat. Otherwise, I'm happy with 3 coats.
This polish is very sparkly and perfect for the summertime and since I've been a sucker for oranges lately, this one was right up my alley.
My only disappointment is that there wasn't that many colors to choose from..


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